Sunshine Cherisher

In week one at uni this year, we were instructed to go out and affect people with our small, unobtrusive pieces of art; to write and/or illustrate on little sheets of paper and colour the campus with our sentimentalities. The lecturer made it feel sneaky, encouraging us to target the science buildings, “Because I think they need more art in their lives,” she said.
I wrote a poem. As it was March I was conscious of feeling the last effects of leftover Summer. Gladly, the weather didn’t turn quite so quickly as I’d feared but now it has begun to fade, to fall, to be fickle; in true Autumn style. Already I feel the cold inhibiting me but I seek comfort in extra blankets and warm tea in china cups. I wish that the cold wouldn’t endure so well but it’s still not quite enough to make me want to move to a warmer climate — my love for Melbourne also seems steadfast to persist.

IMG_1313editWritten: March 9, 2017

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