What a subjective phrase. I like catalogues because I like looking at things; they aren’t junk to me. Although, they inspire wanting and so it’s probably a good thing that we don’t get them at my house. People don’t want unless they’re stimulated to want. I already feel stimulated enough.
About one year and 4 months ago, I was, for some reason, obsessing over getting the perfect shot of that shonky letterbox amidst the trees. It belonged to a house that wasn’t mine and it felt like a very sneaky feat, but I got it in the end. I forgot to put my camera on the most typically appropriate setting for the light and so it came out a little more exposed than intended. I like it that way though. I think it reveals better why I was so smitten with the image I saw. It was calm, even in the most ragged wind. Lively, with the leaves dancing and catching the light as if peridot could grow as foliage.
These are the hushed subtleties of my weary hometown called Ballarat which warrant it charm. They are also frequently the very things that go unobserved and unappreciated.
This type of modest beauty is in every place; you just have to look.

img020Taken: January 7, 2016. Instant film photography