Off with the faeries

I haven’t been able to stick with projects very well this year. I’ve got too many on and around my desk unfinished. The general theme in my art is in viewing things with more thought and recognition than they’re usually given. The everyday world. Real life considered more thoroughly. For its beauty, potential, irony and unrelenting perpetuation. In recent months, I’d gotten tired of life. I saw it for its volatility and its cold hardness and it felt safer hiding from it in bed watching history and mythology docos and period dramas on Netflix. Anything that wasn’t now and wasn’t of this same world. In that time I started this little faery illustration as another form of escapism.

Little Fae (2018) pencil and acrylic on paper

The celts believed faeries lived in the Other Realm, which could be accessed when one strayed from the forest path. They believed that the fae would lead men astray, having them join them in the Other Realm where it was always summer and everything was in abundance. They would, of course, be enticed, but a day spent there was a year spent here. It was the reason they gave to people abandoning their regular lives. They’d gone off with the faeries.

In the cold gloom of this dreary house, I wished for that bountiful summer place for a time.

But that world is a fantasy and I’m a realist. So I got up and started doing things to achieve a better life and set goals so that when the summer does come again, maybe I will have already felt my soul warm before its arrival.

Fantasy is an entertaining indulgence, but real fulfilment comes from not straying from life’s path in favour of distraction, keeping what matters in mind and powering my will forward as perpetually as time moves itself. I can’t afford to relent.

When I was five I heard medieval music coming from our garden regularly and swore it was the faeries. I think maybe magic isn’t so unfamiliar with our own world. You just have to keep your mind open and your heart lit up. I think we too are capable of flight.

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