Mikaela Brooke
Twenty-one | Regional Victorian kid turned whole-hearted Melbournian | Emerging writer | Contemplator | Attempting to untie the knots.

I yearn for myself in its truest form but such a thing is difficult to reach and ultimately keep. Happiness is fickle but I attempt to charm it into a slightly greater permanence. I think, to do that requires much unbiased self reflection; extensive and delving.
Quite late at night, I find myself sitting up in bed, cross-legged, entranced by deep dissection of emotions and thoughts. I find myself doing this most nights of the week. I find myself immersed for an hour or more each time.
Perhaps it’d be clearer to write it all down. I’ll write out anything I can to remember, to evaluate and to find clarity in truth. I will write candidly and personally, for myself and for you.